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Gold Calling Card

The services offered by Gold Calling Card is similar to the CiCi calling card but Gold apply administrative charges on the call. Some use the Gold calling cards to make multiple calls, while others use them to make longer calls to specific countries. Also, unlike the CiCi calling cards it charges a service fee after every third minute of call.

How to use Gold Calling Card

In order to use calling cards to place calls, the individuals will need to dial the local or the toll free numbers, provided according to their location. Once the automated message prompts them about entering the PIN code they should proceed with dialing the same. In case of making calls in Canada or America, the individuals will have to add “1+” to their desired number as a prefix. However, when making international calls they will have to add ‘011+’ to their destination numbers as a prefix. When using the Gold Calling Card cusotmer will have to keep in mind the follwing terms of use: The usage of the calls are based on a one minute increment. 15¢ service charge and 7% of administrative charge applies to the rate after every 3rd minute of call. In some of the cases, the additional charges may be applicable when one is using the public phones

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