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CiCi Online Calling Card

CiCi Calling Card is supplied ad serviced by the most reliable calling card supplier in Canada, which serves seventy percent of the Canadian calling card market communication needs. These cards can be used from anywhere in Canada and from any telephone type. Now one does have to worry about making their calls from the landlines as these cards can be used from mobiles, public phone booths, workspace phones and other places as well. The residents from the areas in Canada without local access number can use toll-free access number 1-866-312-5247 to enjoy the same rates as the local access number areas.

How to use the CiCi Calling Cards

All one has to do in order to use these cards is dial the toll free number or the local number depending on the area and when prompted for, enter the PIN code they have received through their emails. As a next step they can dial the desired number. However when making calls in Canada or America, they will need to add ‘1+’ as a prefix and for other international calls they will have to add ‘011+’ as a prefix. There are certain things to keep in mind when calling using the CiCi calling card: The usage of the calls are based on a one minute increment. In some of the cases, the additional charges may be applicable when one is using the public phones.

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