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Many immigrants look forth to relocate to Canada. Since the economy of Canada offers attractive opportunities for people, better quality of life and contemporary amenities; many are thinking about settling in this region.

Not only the professionals but, hundreds of students from all over the world, come to study in Canada to augment their knowledge and skill pool. Canada boasts a large number of international students from not only the developing countries but, the developed nations of the world like U.S.A.. These students come to pursue their studies from the Canadian schools, colleges and the universities, as the tuition fee of these educational institutes is less and the standard of education is high.

One of the most important needs of the students and the professionals who have settled in the different cities and the states of Canada is communicating with their friends and family back at home. Understanding this need, Ontario Phone Cards has been designed to provide a platform for people looking for cost effective communication options, to benefit from the online calling cards featured here.

Ontario Phone Cards features only those online calling cards for telephonic communication, which provide quality services and are able to deliver what they promise. These calling cards can be used from the different types of the phones which include; mobiles, public phone booths and even the workplace phones and other options, without having to worry about paying anything at all. These calling cards if used in a smart manner, will allow the individuals in saving up to more than ninety percent of their communicating costs, when placing calls domestically or internationally. The experience of buying from Ontario Phone Cards is very different than buying from the traditional stores. At Ontario Phone Cards, comprehensive information is provided about the online phone cards. The seekers of the calling cards can sift through the database of the website comprising of versatile companies and brands featuring the calling cards of the different types. Unlike the traditional stores, the database at Ontario Phone Cards is not limited. One can find calling cards which have; no hidden fee, no service charges and various other options. This is the reason the virtual calling cards industry is much more competitive. These options in the calling cards allow the immigrants and especially the students, who have limited budgets in selecting the cards, which are the best fit according to their needs and requirements.

At Ontario Phone Cards consumers will be able find the widest selection of phone cards that are reliable and offer premium services, some of which include:

  • Gold Line Calling Cards: This service provider is one of the largest in Canada catering to the domestic and international calling needs of the people.
  • Primus Calling Cards: known for controlling the most traffic and offering premium services.
  • Lycatel Calling Cards: World largest calling card service provider. Latest service released in Canada is Lyca talk.

Other worth mentioning names include; the Ilink, BBTel etc.

In addition to calling cards Ontario Phone Cards now offers prepaid calling plans. E-Z Call Plan by CiCi offers the same service quality and rates as CiCi calling card.

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